High Bill Concerns

High Bill Concerns

Consider your usage when your bill increases.


Every year, Nemaha-Marshall Electric receives numerous calls regarding high electrcity usage.  We do our best to troubleshoot the problem over the phone while visiting with the member and pulling the usage report from the Automated Meter Reader (AMR).

Many times, but not all, the high usage come from the use of electric space heaters in various locations of the home in order to cut back on the use of natural gas or propane. We have also found that electric tank heaters and block heaters, welders, grain dryers and/or augers, bad underground and heat lamps may also be sources of higher usage.

We have a device called a Kilowatt EZ that can be loaned out to our members so usage consumption can be checked on 110 volt appliances and electronics. The source of high usage can sometimes be an appliance or electronics within the home like a freezer or computer that is malfunctioning or has phantom usage.   This Kilowatt EZ device can be plugged into an outlet and the appliances or electronics are then plugged into the device to check the daily usage around your house.  If you would like to try this device out please call the office and a lineman can drop it by when in your area.

Click on the link to figure Daily Kilowatt Hour Usage for Household Appliances and Electronics.

As always if you still have a concern about higher than normal usage, please do not hesitate to call.