Cold Weather Rule

Cold Weather Rule


            The Nemaha-Marshall Electric Cooperative has adopted a Cold Weather Rule which governs termination of utility service when members are unable to pay utility bills from November 1st to March 31st annually.  Members of The Nemaha-Marshall Electric Cooperative Association, Inc., who are unable to pay their electric service bills during the cold weather period may qualify for this program and avoid disconnection provided they fulfill certain good faith requirements when attempting to pay their delinquent utility bills. The requirements which members must meet to qualify for the program are summarized below:


  • Members must notify the Cooperative and state their inability to pay their service bill in full.


  • Members must apply to federal, state, local, or other financial assistance programs for which they may be eligible to receive aid in paying utility bills.


  • To qualify, members must make an initial payment consisting of ¼ of the sum of the arrearage and ¼ of the most recent billing for which service has been provided and is due immediately, plus any associated collection fees.


  • Members will be required to provide sufficient financial information to enable the Cooperative to determine an appropriate payment agreement.
  • Members will be required to pay remaining balance in equal payments over the next five (5) months, in addition to their current monthly bill.  Payments must be received in our office on or before the delinquent date to remain eligible.


  • Members may not illegally divert utility service or default on a payment agreement.


The Nemaha-Marshall Electric Cooperative Association, Inc. will:


  • Not disconnect, but may temporarily suspend a member’s service when the local National Weather Service office forecasts the temperature will drop below 32 degrees Fahrenheit within the next 24 hour period.


  • Make at least one telephone call attempt prior to disconnection.


            Please note that members will not be eligible for the benefits under the Cold Weather Disconnection Rule if they fail to follow the above requirements.  The purpose of the rule is to insure that human health and safety are not unreasonably endangered during the cold weather months.