Assistance Information

Assistance Information

Assistance Information -Payment Arrangements

Members who are unable to pay their total past due balance before the day of disconnection are able to make Payment Arrangements.  Payment Arrangements are used to help the member get to a zero balance at the end of the arrangement period.  A good faith payment is required at the time the arrangements are made and the remaining balance (both past due and current) is divided into monthly payments.  Each monthly payment due will be the current bill plus the agreed to payment arrangement amount and any other charges or fees.

Further details of Payment Arrangements:

  • If the bill is paid in full while on arrangements, the arrangements are considered fulfilled.
  • If full payment is not received by the arrangement date or if payment is made with a bad check, the service is subject to immediate disconnection without further notice.  Total account balance is due to stop the disconnect or to reconnect if service has been disconnected.
  • No arrangements are given after breaking three payment arrangements.
  • If you need further assistance to pay your electric bill, please see the list of Organizations below that may be able to help.

For more information on Payment Arrangements, please contact our office.


Organizations Phone Number
Salvation Army of Marshall County 785-562-2311
Salvation Army 877-566-2769
SRS 785-296-3959
TFI Family Services 785-742-6931
NEKCAP  Marshall County 888-480-9373
NEKCAP  Nemaha County 785-336-2927
NEKCAP  Brown County 785-742-2222
NEKCAP  Pottawatomie County 888-383-6113
Kansas Dept. of Child & Family 785-562-5338
Nemaha County  
Marshall County  
Washington County  
Kansas Dept. of Child & Family 785-296-2500
Pottawatomie County  
Jackson County  
Red Cross 785-234-0568
United Way 888-413-4327
LIEP- Low Income Energy Assistance Program 800-432-0043